Become a Sponsor

Sponsorships are an effective way to create a connection and visibility. Targeted international audience will see your logo when they are searching for relevant topics related to the event. There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available for your organization. Each level of sponsorship offers varying levels of conference and exhibition promotions.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

Organizations interested in taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorships are limited and subject to availability.

Sponsorship Opportunities


ItemDescriptionSuggested Price# Available
Mobile App Logo on all areas - exclusive sponsorship$10,0001
Push AlertsPush Notification on cell phones onsite$75010
Social Media PackageFacebook, Twitter & Instagram posts$100Unlimited
Targeted E-mail BlastEmail sent on behalf of exhibitor to attendee list during last 6 weeks$2,5004
Web AdsLogo on prominent pages of website$4,0003
Website Homepage SponsorLogo on SGE website home page$5,0001


ItemDescriptionPrice# Available
Back Cover$6,0001
Full Page Ad 4 color$3,500Unlimited
Half Page Ad 4 color$1,750Unlimited
Inside Back Cover$5,0001
Inside Front Cover$5,0001
LogoLogo printed next to directory listing$250Unlimited


ItemDescriptionPrice# Available
Sponsored SeminarsContent is created by exhibitor, they are allowed 15 minutes to provide information about company$3,000Unlimited

New Products

ItemDescriptionPrice# Available
New Products ShowcaseProduct entry in area where new products are displayed FREEUnlimited


ItemDescriptionPrice# Available
Badge LogoLogo on attendee plastic badges$4,0001
BagsLogo on bags for attendees to take materials$5,0002
Lanyards & PensLogo on badge lanyards and pens at registration$5,0002
Registration Email ConfirmationLogo on automated pre-registration email$2,5001
Registration CountersLogo on counters and wall in Registration area$3,0001
Charging Stations (4)Logo & message on stations to re-charge phones & laptops$5,0001
Package 1Logo & message on aisle sign, billboard and 1/2 page ad in Directory$4,500Unlimited

Show Floor

ItemDescriptionPrice# Available
Charging Stations (4)Logo & message on stations to re-charge phones & laptops$5,0001
Package 1Logo & message on aisle sign, billboard and 1/2 page ad in Directory$5,000Unlimited
Package 2Logo & message on aisle sign, carpet ad, 3 billboard ads & full page ad in Directory$9,000Unlimited
Wi-FiLogo on Wi-Fi login in page$10,0001


ItemDescriptionPrice# Available
Aisle SignsLogos added to aisle signs$1,000 each or 3 for $1,900TBD
Billboard SignsOne meter panels, double - sided$1,000 Unlimited
Floor Graphic3'x5' graphic on floor$500 each or 3 for $1,200Unlimited
Hanging BannersHanging banners outside and inside$1,000Unlimited
Lighted KioskLogo & message on Lighted Rotating Kiosk - three sided, can order either one side, two, or all three$1,500 each or $3,900 for all threeUnlimited
Outdoor Column WrapColumn wrap in courtyard$2,500TBD
Shuttle Bus Tower SignsLogo & graphics on shuttle bays$2,500TBD
Welcome BannerBanner with show logo and sponsor logo on concourse$10,001


ItemDescriptionPrice# Available
Information DeskCompany logo on information desk panels $7,5001
Locator MapPrinted map with exhibitor list and floorplan$5,0001
You Are Here BillboardsLarge maps of floor plan around show floor$5,0001