Exhibit In The Global Marketplace Exclusively Developed For
Scaffolding, Formwork And Access Industries.

Scafform Global Expo

Exhibit in the global marketplace exclusively developed for scaffolding, formwork and access industries. The $3 billion industry has grown tremendously in the last 5 years and the annual growth is untapped. Over 23,000 contractors use scaffolding and formwork in their business in the US alone, from construction of power plants, refineries and bridges to the repair and restoration of historic buildings, from new construction to repair, municipal and private industry and demand is constantly growing.

There is currently no show that features this expanding market and creates an educational program to support it. Following the successful annual Scafform Expo in Turkey, organizers bring their expertise and the sector-specific business platform to the US market. Scafform Global Expo which is co-located with Hydropower & Dams Global Expo, understands your company’s need to reach buyers in a trade show dedicated to your market. Companies that don’t attend the typical construction event will recognize that this show is for them and will come looking for your products and services.

At Scafform Global Expo, you’ll meet leading construction companies, contractors, associations, decision makers and buyers from all around the world.

Who Will You Meet At The Show?

Government/Municipal Buyers




Sub Contractors


Generate Highly Targeted Leads

As the only event exclusively for scaffolding, formwork and access, your company won’t be lost in a sea of other products. Scafform Global Expo buyers will be there to do business – be it purchase or rent or find companies to submit requests for proposals. These are qualified attendees who want what your company offers.

  • Pre-Qualified Buyers
  • New Customers
  • Current Customers


Close Sales

Research consistently proves that trade show buyers close deals at trade shows.  Face-to-face marketing provides proven results. In this day and age when everyone is traveling and too busy to talk, a trade show is the best place to sign the deal with those ready to buy. And, leads are generated with new customers who are your target market walking by!

  • Close deals
  • Get RFPs
  • Find new leads
  • Get feedback on new products & services


Develop and Strengthen Your Brand

Is your brand known by the growing market? If yes, keep your market share strong through exhibiting. Need to boost your market share? Scafform Global Expo has many ways to assist.

  • Exhibit space
  • On-site sponsorships
  • Pre-show marketing



Your products and services need demonstration and Scafform Global Expo understands that. Not only does the show have standard exhibit space, we have created an outside area at the Las Vegas Convention Center to give your company the opportunity to demonstrate your products in a real-world environment.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas means business. Research shows that more exhibitors and attendees come to shows in Las Vegas than any other city and that buyers spend more time on the trade show floor in Las Vegas.


Cost Effective Rates Make It Easy To Exhibit!


100'-300' - $29* / net square foot
400'-900' - $28* / net square foot
1000' and up - $25* / net square foot

Corner fee = $100 per corner
*Early Bird rates apply until April 2, 2018



1000'-1900'- $18* / net square foot
2000' and up - $15* / net square foot

*Early Bird rates apply until April 2, 2018
Corner fee = $100 per corner
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If you sell any of these products, then Scafform Global Expo is your Show

Formwork - Adjustable Modular Column
Formwork - Block Forms
Formwork - Circular Formwork
Formwork - Climbing Formwork & Scaffolds
Formwork - Column Formwork
Formwork - Concrete Construction & Manufacturing
Formwork - Faced Plywood Formwork
Formwork - Forms & Components
Formwork - Formwork Cleaning
Formwork - Formwork Repair and Regeneration
Formwork - Formwork Systems
Formwork - Formwork Systems for Bridge &Tunnel Building
Formwork - Formwork Systems for civil Engineering
Formwork - Formwork Plates
Formwork - Gardens' Wall Formwork
Formwork - Heavy Type 'H' Formwork Scaffolding
Formwork - Industrial Wooden Girder Column Formwork
Formwork - Insulated Concrete Forms
Formwork - Metal Surface Formwork
Formwork - Modular Steel And Wall Formwork
Formwork - Panel Forms
Formwork - Permanent Installation
Formwork - Plank Forms
Formwork - Post-and-beam walls use the least concrete
Formwork - Precast Formwork
Formwork - Prefabricated Systems Formwork
Formwork - Pvc & Plastic Formwork Sheet
Formwork - Round Formwork
Formwork - Safety Equipment
Formwork - Safety Nets and Belts
Formwork - Shoring Formwork - Slab Formwork
Formwork - Slab Prop
Formwork - Software Systems for Formwork Planning
Formwork - Table Formwork
Formwork - Tape Formwork & Pre-stressed Formwork Systems
Formwork - Telescopic Pillar
Formwork -Tunnel Formwork Systems
Formwork - Work Safety Equipment

Scaffolding - Type Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Aluminium Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Climbing Formwork&Scaffolds
Scaffolding - Facade and Modular Scaffolds
Scaffolding - Fall Protection Equipment
Scaffolding - Floors Panels
Scaffolding - 'H' Type Pin Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Heavy Type 'H' Formwork Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Hydraulic Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Industrial Type Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Mobile Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Modular Structures
Scaffolding - Permanent Installation
Scaffolding - Protect System Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Reinforcement and Mobile Scaffolds
Scaffolding - Scaffolding Accessories
Scaffolding - Suspended Scaffolding & Elevator Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Tower And Table Type Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Tripod Feet (Three Feet )
Scaffolding - Wedge-Flanged Scaffolding
Scaffolding - Working Scaffolds

Access Industry - High Work Equipment
Access Industry - Hoists
Access Industry - Personal Lifts
Access Industry - Crawler Mounted Platforms
Access Industry - High Work Equipment
Access Industry - Hoists
Access Industry - Low Level Access
Access Industry - Mast Climbers Mast Climbing
Access Industry - Mobile Elevating Work Platform(MEWP's)
Access Industry - Personal Lifts
Access Industry - Plank and Platform
Access Industry - Tower Cranes
Access Industry - Vehicle Mounts
Access Industry - Vertical & Telescopic Platforms

How is the weather in Las Vegas on November 7-9 2018 ?  
 72°F  / 22°C 

If you have any questions or general inquires, please contact us.